KWESST, the ‘go to’ company for critical incident management

  • Assess, decide, and act faster to increase operational effectiveness and survivability.

  • Lightning™ is an integration of equipment, decision tools, software, surveillance and mapping in a fault tolerant, secure, robust architecture.

Lightning™ Core Technology

  • Team Awareness Kit (TAK)
  • TAK Federated Server Architecture for:
    • Geo-based real-time shared position location and situational awareness among first responders
    • Inter-Agency Interoperability
    • Real-Time Imagery sharing and distribution

Lightning™ as a Service

  • Monthly fee based service that includes:
    • Cloud-based National Hub Server (Azure Cloud)
    • Federation of TAK Servers via Secure VPN
    • Secure Evidence Locker
    • Preservation, redundancy, and integrity of data
    • Configurable information sharing (Need to Know)
    • 24/7 access and support for critical incident response
    • KWESST provided pre-configured downloadable containerized package for the TAK Edge server with necessary security information and certificates are pre-loaded.

Lightning™ Digitization Architecture