KWESST develops and commercializes proprietary next-generation tactical systems that advance operational effectiveness and survivability for military and public safety personnel deployed at the Tactical Edge: those commanders, soldiers, operators, and first responders conducting operations primarily in the dismounted domain (on foot and on and off vehicles).

KWESST capabilities and market offerings are grouped into three main lines of business:

  • Digitization
  • Counter-Threat
  • Non-Lethal


KWESST specializes in the Integration of Digital Information at the Tactical Edge. With a team comprised of highly experienced engineers and military veterans, we are offering groundbreaking TAK-integrated solutions that provide crucial advantages for the front lines.

Public Safety


KWESST is committed to providing your agency the support it deserves and ensuring our clients have the most effective technologies to manage risk and protect human lives.


For a list of investors holding 5% or more of the Company’s stock, refer to public filings on EDGAR.