KWESST completes second phase of TASCS contract for key U.S. Military Customer

KWESST completes second phase of TASCS contract for key U.S. Military Customer

10/28/2020 ottawa

On Sept. 22, 2020, the company announced the completion of the first deliverable to provide real-time situational awareness and targeting information from a drone to ground forces and their mortar weapons systems. The second deliverable, just completed, incorporated customer feedback from the first phase to optimize TASCS operating procedures.

The results of phase 1 and 2, now being summarized into a phase 3 report, confirm that the TASCS IFM achieves greater accuracy and faster response times on indirect fire systems like mortars, improving soldier survivability and operational effectiveness.

“We’re encouraged that the results and user feedback from these live-fire exercises have further increased customer confidence in the TASCS system,” said Jeff MacLeod, Kwesst founder and chief executive officer, who added, “We’re pleased at the rapid pace as well as the outcome of these exercises, especially with such a key U.S. military customer, who has now requested a proposal from the company for a next phase of expanded exercises to start in early 2021.”

As stated in the company’s announcement of Sept. 22, 2020, contracted exercises like this with military customers are an important phase in the process toward potential introduction into service. The company also noted at the time that at least two other NATO military customers have similar requirements, with demonstration contracts for the TASCS IFM system currently under consideration.