The purpose of the TASCS technology is to enable the operational platform within the digital network and therefore create an overmatch capability through enhanced situational awareness and networked fire control.

— Warren Downing, GM, KWESST

Photo: Lance Cpl. Yasmin D. Perez; USMC Combat Camera


KWESST was established to answer the growing need for Advanced Soldier Systems Research & Development in the areas of Small Arms, Fire Control, Body Worn Technology and Connectivity. With this improved Situational Awareness utilizing data from all levels of the Tactical Network, we can, today, provide the Individual Operator with the Adaptive Networked Tactical Overmatch needed to defeat the ever-changing threats.

We take in-service individual and crew served weapons platforms with in-service ammunition, integrate with selected sensors and network connectivity. This integration now enables these platforms and ammunition to become networked fire and surveillance assets for the squad, increasing the squad’s lethality, survivability and effectiveness of mission.


We are a diverse team led by Jeff MacLeod and Warren Downing, both experienced executives within the Soldier Systems Defence Industry. KWESST has a core team of specialists in the Soldier System, Networking and Battlefield Management areas. This capability is supplemented by electronic hardware, software and integration experts. Additionally KWESST has significant expertise in the area of small arms design, development and manufacture and is focused on the use of Additive Manufacturing to develop the Next Generation of Networked Small Arms and Crew Served Weapons.

Photo: Lance Cpl. Yasmin D. Perez; USMC Combat Camera

“The TASCS IFM allows the operator to accurately engage a target from a concealed position for greater personal safety.”

— Bruce Gilchrist, Director of Programs, KWESST


Tactical Awareness and Situational Control System
(TASCS) Indirect Fire Module (IFM)

TASCS is a plug-in software and sensor add-on to OEM fire control systems and battlefield management applications. It enables precision networked NLOS targeting by small arms, crew-served weapons, mortars, drones can integrate with heads-up displays – at the squad level with unprecedented accuracy.

Tactical Awareness and Situational Control System (TASCS) Sniper Surveillance System (SSS)

The TASCS Sniper Surveillance System enhances the utility and effectiveness of the Sniper Team by creating a digital link between the Weapon Operator, Spotter and Other Network Elements. This is achieved by the addition of KWESST Inc’s proprietary Weapon Based Technology (TASCS) to In-Service Rifles and Optics.


KWESST IFM & AWS USMC Demonstration

Demonstration to the USMC of the KWESST TASCS Indirect Fire Module (IFM) and the integration of the AeroVironment Pocket Digital Data Link (pDDL). Targets were engaged from a defilade position using the IFM and the targets were engaged with the Augmented Weapon Site (AWS) mode, where the ballistics impact point were overlaid on the Puma UAS Realtime Video.

TASCS Sniper Surveillance System – Rifle Application

The TASCS SSS adds a camera, navigation module, situational awareness display and communications gateway to the rifle, to enable the rifles’ position and scope image to be transmitted to other members of the operational unit for clarity of the threat at hand.

TASCS Sniper Surveillance System – Command & Spotting Station Application

The TASCS SSS adds a camera, navigation module, situational awareness display and communications gateway to the spotting scope, to enable the spotters’ position and scope image to be transmitted to other members of the operational unit for clarity of the threat at hand and coordination of the effectors.

“The TASCS SSS now provides the Sniper Team a previously unheard of situational awareness and clarity of targeting, built upon existing in-service platforms.”

— Warren Downing, GM, KWESST


Our Advantage

KWESST provides NATO and allied security forces with an “unfair” advantage by transforming tactical surveillance equipment, small arms, mortars and drones (UAVs) into intelligent, networked platforms to overmatch adversaries with a leap-ahead in situational awareness and precision targeting at a safer stand-off distance.

Intuitive Plug-ins

We draw on deep expertise in sensor fusion, intelligent algorithms, connectivity, advanced ballistics and weapon systems engineering to create intuitive plug-and-play apps and miniaturized, snap-on attachments for networked situational awareness and precision targeting on the fly at any tactical scale.

User Friendly

KWESST’s apps and add-ons require no modification to existing user equipment, and integrate seamlessly with existing communications protocols at any scale, from the individual user to networked squads and full Battlefield Management systems.

Easily Adaptable

Apps are designed as overlays on any existing smart device, and variables can be user-updated in real time to adapt instantly to local conditions and mission requirements.

No Guesswork

KWESST’s intelligent add-ons to simple platforms take the guess work out of target identification, acquisition and engagement, reducing the cognitive load on the user and greatly increasing accuracy and force protection from a safe stand-off or protected position.

Safely Engage

Users are able to engage targets from a greater stand-off distance and engage from protected positions, reducing their exposure to danger and improving force protection.

Fully Supported

KWESST provides full life-cycle support, including software upgrades and spares on demand through its additive manufacturing capability, including legacy weapon system components if required.

Hands-on Partners

KWESST works directly with end-users to develop and prove out real-world solutions, and also partners with OEMs to integrate intelligent modules to optical systems, small arms, mortars, indirect fire systems and UAVs for improve and extend mission capability.


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